It’s All About the Team!

Vision & Mission Statement:

Provide exceptional software team leadership, throughout the entire software life cycle, within budget & schedule constraints.


Software author of numerous winning proposals.Lead software teams from proposal through successful delivery and demonstration.

Software productivity significantly better than industry average


Exceptional business acumen in streamlining operations, driving processes, optimizing productivity. Analytical problem-solver with comprehensive technical knowledge and proven track record of successful and timely project implementation. Key visionary in overseeing project scope development, functional management, and continuous process improvement.

About Karen

Karen Michel is a results-oriented software & systems leader with expertise in team leadership, software & systems implementation, strategic planning and AGILE methodologies. Karen is particularly strong in image processing, attitude control and autonomous systems. Her career with Boeing and Lockheed Martin - two of the largest global aerospace companies - has allowed her to work on advanced technology, commercial and defense systems. Karen’s key project responsibilities include Integrated Product Team lead, proposal development, and AGILE coach and/or scrum master. Teams she has managed range in size from 1 to 39 software developers. She has been the Agile coach and/or scrum master for software, systems and firmware teams. Karen also has experience as a functional manager, where she was responsible for hiring, staff reductions, reviews, raises, rankings, and staff level planning.